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Recovery starts NOW!

Valor Recovery is a 9-to-12-month drug and alcohol free recovery residence open to anyone seeking relief from the pains of substance use disorder. We offer personalized care in a community setting by trained, experienced staff; all of whom are in recovery themselves.  Our mission at Valor Recovery is to support individuals by providing the necessary tools in order to live a successful life of continuous sobriety.


Here at Valor Recovery, we believe that providing a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment is essential in promoting a life free from the disease of addiction. We believe that men collectively searching for recovery fosters connection, community, and continuous sobriety.

Why Choose Us?

Residents will become part of a community built around establishing and maintaining a life free from substance abuse. They will work weekly with one of our nationally certified recovery coach professionals to help guide them through their journey. With access to on site residing staff members and alumni, residents will find the support and guidance to meet their individualized needs. Monthly community service projects are organized by residents, giving them a chance to give back to the community while also strengthening their connection within their own community. Multiple weekly offerings of mindfulness and meditation practices taught by master-trained instructors invite our residents to explore these useful tools of recovery.


•  Fully furnished houses/ bedrooms.

•  All utilities including wireless internet.

•  24/7 access to residing on-site staff members.

•  One-on-one weekly recovery coaching sessions with a nationally registered recovery coach professional (RCP).

•  Random weekly drug screening and breathalyzers with 14 panel urinalysis including ETG and kratom testing. Additional           lab testing through Redwood Toxicology.

•  Weekly Community Meeting.

•  Monthly, resident organized, community service projects including feeding the homeless and arts and craft projects with         families at the Children’s Hospital.

•  Weekly mindfulness/meditation sessions on site with trained meditation professional.

•  Weekly Yoga class offering taught by yoga alliance certified staff members.

•  Communication and compliance with probation/ parole/ pretrial services. 

•  Consultation for additional clinical services if needed.


Community is one of the foundations of recovery. At Valor Recovery, our residents help cultivate a sense of community through their shared goal of living a fulfilling sober life. Valor Recovery is uniquely located on a single property that allows for this sense of community to thrive. Throughout the year we offer numerous activities that assist our residents in cultivating community. Some of these activities include:


• Bi-weekly cook outs in our courtyard during the warmer months.

• The Valor Recovery softball team who participate every fall with the Cobb County intramural rookie league.

• Quarterly community outings organized by our residents (past activities have included tubing down the river, going to a            haunted house, and the team building game of  Whirley Ball)

• Volleyball tournaments with other recovery communities in the area.

• Outdoor social gatherings for major holidays (and sometimes just because) with the larger recovery community.





1170 Booth Road SW

Marietta, GA 30008

(678) 913-3238

"There are no throwaway people."

-Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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